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Local Dealership Gives Back In A Big Way

Beauregard and Vernon parish has always had its fair share of car dealers, from New and Used, the market hasn't been at a loss for vehicles, but what about community support? Benoit Motors has made huge strides to help our communities with beautifying the schools to new uniforms, signs and of course, our military. It's no secret that car dealership love sponsoring things, but Benoit Motors has decided that the little things are great, but they know our community and schools need more. "It's not really about having my name on a sign," explained Jason Benoit, owner of Benoit Ford & Nissan in Deridder/Rosepine and Benoit CDJRF in Leesville, "It's about helping these kids and community members." Jason has done that in a big way!

Up first was Leesville High School Baseball. The old scoreboard just wasn't cutting it and if Jason is going to help, that scoreboard is going to be fit for the Major Leagues! "Yeah our name is on it, but these kids are going to remember the pictures taken under a winning score, not who provided the sign." He was honored that day by throwing the first pitch out during their game against Gena, LA, along with being presented with a signed bat and ball from the Leesville Wampus Cats 2019 Baseball Team.

WHAT'S NEXT LEESVILLE?: How about some major upgrades to the baseball field itself? Keep tuned to our facebook page for more details!

Over the summer, Benoit worked with Deridder High School to up that Dragon spirit with a brand new inflatable tunnel adorned with DeRidder's new Dragon Mascot! This thing is fierce and brings a whole new level of energy and excitement at football games!

WHAT'S NEXT DERIDDER?: How about an upgrade to your campus transportation? That's right! Soon your principal and admin staff with have their own suped-up custom golf cart, wrapped and spinning around campus! Keep your eyes peeled! We can't wait to see it finished!

We see you Merryville! Beauregard and Vernon parish have many High Schools, and in between them all there is a variety of amazing programs. Mr. Benoit was approached this summer from the Merryville Softball Coach, Mr. David Vance. The team is looking to make an impressive start this year and was hoping for a little help! Jason is excited that he can help the Merryville Lady Panthers and looks forward to throwing out another rocking first pitch! (Mr. Benoit has a pretty good arm! We were all taken back at Leesville, but coaching his son so many years, we should have known!)

Have you been in the stands this season at the Leesville, Rosepine or DeRidder football games? Well you have been missing out! Benoit Motors presented the "KICK FOR CASH"! This was an exciting halftime game that allowed different clubs at each school to benefit from the football games like Interact Club, Ladies Soccer and so much more! Check out the pictures below of our kickers!

Let's not forget one of the biggest communities that strengthens our national pride and reminds us everyday to be humble: Fort Polk! Fort Polk is a bustling city in of itself. And the transplanted military families mean the world to Jason. "We've heard that in the past, military members in our area have been taken advantage of. That's not how I operate, that's not how we roll here" explained Jason. He continued on that he understands being away from home is hard enough, but trying to purchase a vehicle away from what you know should make you shudder, it's their job to provide them with an amazing experience that with make their lives easier, as they make great sacrifices for ours. Jason hopes to make bigger and better strides for our military in the next year. This is why he upgrades to the larger main sponsorship for the MWR Ft. Polk. "The Benoit name isn't on your signs for anything other than for us to say thank you and that we appreciate you. My everyday life is made better by our military and their families."

In the end Jason explains that "we only do what we do because of the community. If the community wasn't purchasing from us," he explains "Then we wouldn't have the means to support our community." It's a give and take according to Mr. Benoit, a circle of being apart of a bigger picture. He believes it wouldn't be fair if he sat back in his office and enjoyed the perks of owning a car dealership. "I couldn't in good faith consider myself a Christian man if I didn't follow in the teachings." -K. Bridges Bridges Media, LLC

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