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Experiencing Where It Began

In 1896, Henry Ford had a dream to move people. The dream began with a 'quadricycle', a logo and the forever important Model T. The Model T was built to be simple, affordable and durable, and he sold 15 million of them between beginning production in 1908 to its retirement in 1927.

I had the amazing opportunity over the past week to stand where the legend began. My wife, Mandy and I traveled to Dearborn Michigan to participate in an extensive 4-day seminar with Ford. The entire experience was eye opening and uplifting for our vision for the future of Benoit Ford. From the eyes of Ford executives, we're breathing new life into the Ford brand here in Vernon and Beauregard Parish, making sure we are able to the very best for every customer that steps onto our lot. On top of braving fiercely cold temperature in the upper part of our great country, we were able to feel the full experience of Henry Ford; this included eating dinner at his home, touring the Henry Ford Museum and the Ford assembly line as well as visiting the 2019 North American International Auto Show for an amazing sneak peek into the future of automobiles.

Our journey is not much different so far from Henry Ford's. We had a dream and a vision: to create a business community members could come to and find simple, affordable and durable vehicles within a building filled with people who care about them. A dream to excel to the heights of Mr. Ford is very high, I at least hope to be someone you trust here in central Louisiana. I am not, nor is anyone who works within our building perfect, however it's my daily drive to make sure that we are always doing our best the first time, or doing everything we can to right any wrong. Thank you for your continued support and as always, Welcome to the Benoit Motors family! Check out the photo galleries below!

Pictures from the 2019 North American International Auto Show!

Pictures from the Henry Ford Museum!

Pictures from Henry Ford's House!

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